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Radical Language Metaphor Page you, Paragraph 1 Men will be lazy when it comes to chasing their particular dreams and females work hard and do not listen to negativity Diction Imagery Janie's come back to town

Significance of Janie's hair Web page 2 (" The men observed her…” Ch. 5

The men consider her as sexy plus the women just see her ratchet garments. " Walk of Shame”? Janie's hair is a vital aspect of her identity and speaks to the strength of her as being a person. Furthermore, its magnificence denotes the sexual characteristics of her being Syntax Structure/Organization Viewpoint Nanny recognizes Janie the kiss JT Site 12 (" lacerating her Janie using a kiss…”) Childcare professional sees intimacy as an abuse, not as something attractive. Tone Jody is unconfident about hisselfJanie is scared after the funeral service Ch. 5(" skeered several de…”)

Ch. 9. Jody, in order to achieve complete control over Janie, need to suppress this kind of sexuality. As they doesn't want her to inspire lust in other guys and is " skeered a lot of de associated with us guys might touch it rounded dat retail store, ” this individual orders her to wear her hair up in rags. Given that she is exclusively (because of the funeral), the lady begins to look at her emotions and knows that the lady hates Childcare professional for the values which Nanny increased her. Childcare professional taught her to seek superficial prizes including wealth, security, and status instead of running after her dreams. Characterization Setting Plot Self-Discovery #1

Self-Discovery #2 Site 9 (" Aw aw, Ah'm colored)

Page 15 & eleven Janie finds that she is different from the other tiny kids this wounderful woman has grown up about. This is when the girl starts getting treated in another way. Janie understands an aspect of womanhood and a desire for the joys of marriage beneath the pear woods. Motifs Woods Page 8 (" Janie saw her life like a great tree in leaf…”) Web page 11 (" she got glossy leaves and bursting buds…”)

Ch. 5 (" Ships in a distance…”) Janie is usually blooming and growing Janie is blooming and...