PHASE 1: Problem and Qualifications

- Launch

School Management (SMS) forms the backbone of every country. And hence it is vital to provide a strong educational basis to the youthful generation to ensure the development of open minded global citizens securing the near future for everyone. Modern technology available today may play an essential role in streamlining education-related processes to market solidarity amongst students, professors, parents and the school staff. SMS involves school record tasks just like recording presence, student's profile and performance, making announcement and reminders and producing statement cards. This technique is handled by a great administrator. It is the job from the administrator to insert, bring up to date and monitor the whole procedure. The user can only look at details of students that are allowed by the admin. He aren't perform virtually any changesВ. Software is the utilization of technology to exchange human with a machine that could perform more quickly and more continuously.

- Assumptive Framework

The theoretical structure of this research study has followed the Input-Process-Output Approach to justify the predicted goals of the study. The following is a brief exploration of the three support frames of research about the student's records for option primary schools.

Input includes students of primary school and student's information in school, elements such as number code and information about the college students specifically the attendance, efficiency and profiles, report card and press releases.

Process contains RFID that identifies the student's information, program and textual presentation of the result.

The anticipated outcome with this research study may be the attainment of study aim such as scholar's complete data and it can always be send out by way of short meaning service through parent by permission of the administrator.

-Statement of the Difficulty

The elementary school are using paper based documentation program for carrying out various...