I. Launch

Based out of Athens, chocolate giant Godiva has generated their organization around an image of quality and luxurious. Financial resources started to be abundant when Godiva was acquired by powerful international Campbell Soup Company in 1974. Initially Godiva commenced as a Belgian company and branched out into the global market since opportunities allowed. Godiva International is comprised of three decision centers В– Godiva The european countries, Godiva USA and Godiva Japan В– called the triadic business. A recent reorganization effort by simply Charles truck der Veken led to an operating earnings of 13 million Belgian francs although he handed down a 10 , 000, 000 franc deficit when he inherited his responsibilities as leader of Godiva Europe. In spite of a recent rise in operating profits, Godiva Europe encounters some difficulties in their home market as well as the global market. Product sales and consumer reactions to recent promotional initiatives have been negative in Godiva's home of Belgium. The organization faces challenging in offering a new encounter from the company to consumers who have are very familiar, yet really indifferent to distinguishing brand names in chocolate. Godiva International is definitely fortunate to become experiencing growth and positive reactions towards the company's goods in several marketplaces around the world. The financial markets of The country of spain, Portugal, England, Japan and the United States appreciate and enjoy the quality that comes from the hand made chocolates by Godiva. However , these areas must be treated with care to make certain continued accomplishment. II. Situational Analysis

To facilitate a discussion of the Godiva Europe internal and external environmental elements, the H. W. O. T. evaluation will be used to help identify important issues presented in the case. The S. T. O. Capital t. analysis supplies information about a company's advantages, weaknesses, opportunities, and hazards. Each component is defined below: Display 1 В– S. T. O. T. Analysis


oGlobal innovator of high-class chocolates

oHigh-quality product

oStrong leadership

oCompany roots in Belguym

oStrong share of duty-free market segments

oBelgian companies are saturated

oProduction capacity

oConsumer Behavior

oHigh production costs


oDifferentiate Corne Toison d'Or from Godiva company

oCreate photo specific with each consumer industry around the world oCountries with increasing markets

oProduction capacity

oConsumer apathy to hand-made chocolate

oFrench dispenses

oCorne Port Royal



Global leader of luxury chocolate

Godiva is definitely fortunate to obtain strong brand recognition. The majority of consumers connect the Godiva brand with high-quality extravagance chocolates. A part of their big success is a result of the fact that the Godiva firm was bought by Campbell Soup Company in mid 1970s. this buy, a wealth of business experience was infused in Godiva. As well as the management encounter needed to lead the company to success, Godiva also had financial steadiness with Campbell's support. These factors put together led Godiva to their position as global leader of extravagance chocolates. Superior quality product

Hand-made and hand-decorated chocolates distinguish Godiva in the global market from your ordinary chocolate purchased in department or discount stores. The company features always strived to maintain a picture of luxurious and the goods sold all over the world support this kind of image. Strong leadership

The reorganization initiative fronted by Charles truck der Veken led to remarkable increase in operating profit. Despite inheriting a ten million The belgian franc shortfall upon acceptance of his role while president of Godiva The european union, van jeder Veken led the split to an functioning profit of 13 , 000, 000 francs inside one year. Truck der Veken also started the restructuring of Godiva into a full network. Because of this reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling, van welcher Veken has set an objective for Godiva stores inside the Triad Countries to be obtain the desired picture of the company through redesign and...