Since Parents I would really like you to offer the following up dated legislation affecting on home-based childcare to ensure that your children are supplied with the ideal care feasible whilst with me.

The two most important pieces of guidelines covering home-based childcare would be the Children Act (2004) as well as the Childcare Action (2006(.

Kids Act (2004)

This important piece of laws arose from your Green Newspaper ‘Every Child Matters' and identifies five outcomes for all those children: * Be healthy and balanced

* Remain safe

* Delight in and accomplish

* Help to make a positive contribution

* Obtain economic health and wellness

These final results should underpin all practice of a childminder.

Childcare Act (2006)

This Act introduced the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) program into Great britain and Wales, and place a statutory obligation on the regional authority to work towards making sure the five outcomes placed in the Children Act (2004) are becoming met.

Different relevant guidelines of importance to you personally is:

Equal rights Act (2010)

The intention of this Act is to combine the fragmented discrimination legislation, bringing together the Sex Splendour Act (1975), Race Contact Act (1976), and DDA (1995). Promotion of similar opportunities in every settings is vital, and relevant policies and procedures must be developed, supervised and evaluated.

Education Action (1997)

This Act features all prior Acts seeing that 1944. This recognise the rights of parents regarding their particular children's education and set an occasion frame within the legal process for discovering and examining a children's needs while set out inside the Code of Practice.

Public well-being (Control of Disease) Work (1984), RIDDOR (1995) and Health Protection Agency Act (2004) All these legislations focus on protecting people's health, covering up notification and exclusion durations for certain contagious diseases and reporting of certain mishaps and situations.

Food Security (General Foodstuff Hygiene) Restrictions (1995)

This sets out...