Week 4 - Hand-in Assignment- Final Job Proposal

1 ) Background

Woodworking Company, plans on expanding it is current manufacturing plant floor for added 25% of existent flooring area in order to meet new essential capacity.

installment payments on your Objectives

The main goal of the development project is usually to install a new semi-automatic creation train including, air conditioning and dirt free paint and concluding shop with additional converter capacity.

3. Statement of

In order to successfully meet the objective above the project team need to conceptually style, detail design and style, procure, build, install, commissioning and start-up the new products.

4. Timeframe

The project is targeted to meet every objectives throughout the phases referred to in PLANT within a optimum timeframe of 18 months counting from job start to products hand-in to production.

a few. Resources

The project team will probably be composed by in house lead positions which includes production and maintenance departments. Additionally , a great engineering outsource company should be contract to build up the in depth design for new equipment, the installation, commissioning and start-up efforts.

Construction and installation will probably be sub-contracted to local structure companies according to set up and having specifications in the engineering consulting firm with approval of project staff.

Additionally , materials and products procurement will probably be according creation capacity as specified in the SOW and detailed design phase.

6th. Project Managing

In order to successfully meet the targets, the task team will abide by the follow project supervision phases relating to PMBOK guide:

вћў Initiating

Project group is to produce a scope of statement together with a detailed list of deliverables incorporated into project along with any exclusion from range of work and follow-up necessary after task completion to be address simply by others. All...