Nowadays, the International Payment activity inside the banking service plays a far more and more important role in the external economics affair. It provides a useful tool for connecting exterior economics affairs, economic and commercial marriage among the countries all over the world. The International Repayment activity is one of the important activities of the banks and pertains to many other sort of banking providers.

Vietcombank in general and Vietcombank Hanoi in particular have recently been in the most notable banks of Vietnam on this activity. It is a good chance for the article writer to have a 5-week internship in Vietcombank Hanoi which is a fantastic and useful experience regarding reinsurance and business environment to the copy writer. This statement can be considered like a summary with the writer's knowledge about International Payment activity following the internship. With this survey, the copy writer aimed to provide readers with records of the internship, import – export payment procedure operated in Vietcombank Hanoi. There are two main parts in this record, including:

Section 1: Review of Vietcombank Hanoi

Chapter 2: International Payment activity in Vietcombank Hanoi.

With this paper, the writer would want to send great thanks to Ms. Tran Hong Ngan – lecturer of college of Economics and Worldwide Business, who has instructed the writer during the time of writing this kind of report; and Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thuy who have directly advised the article writer during the internship, and many due to Director plus the entire personnel of Vietcombank Hanoi for their gracious allows and creating opportunities and good circumstances for the writer to join several business activities during this time.

Chapter I actually:

Overview of Vietcombank Hanoi (VCN Hanoi)

1 ) History and expansion

In 1984, to organize for the renewal process of the whole economy, Hanoi Committee's general conference adopted an answer of establishing a bank due to its external economic relation. Therefore, the Bank pertaining to Foreign Operate of Vietnam – Hanoi Branch – Vietcombank Hanoi was found in 01/03/1985 to serve external economic affairs and export-import lending pertaining to the capital.

With two decades of establishment and development, Vietcombank Hanoi has established its company position in external economical affairs of Hanoi, featuring services such because international repayments, international banking institutions, financial activities: money transfer, account, savings… in Hanoi. Apart from the hq at 344 Ba Trieu street/ 80 Nguyen Man street, Vietcombank Hanoi provides currently opened 10 transaction offices and 1 counter-top at Noi Bai International airport. It is also pre-loaded with modern i . t system, offering hyper automatic services: VCB ONLINE, e-banking, ATM Hook up 24, is part of SWIFT – the global paying system which will now connect 1400 banking institutions at eighty five countries and territories around the globe, guarantee very good services to clients.

Beside the achievements in the monetary activities like over, Vietcombank Hanoi has also positively participated in numerous cultural – social – political occasions of Hanoi such as APEC Summit Getting together with, International meeting on exterior economics affairs, supporting for natural devastation victims, blood donation, Gameshow Black package program…

With this sort of achievements, Vietcombank was ranked National Corporate and business type We and was the top rated branch among the list of Bank for Foreign Control system. In 2004, Vietcombank Hanoi had the honor to obtain the Second-Class Labour Medal presented by President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

2 . Achievements

2 . 1 ) Services

The lender for International Trade of Vietnam program in general and Vietcombank Hanoi in particular cover a wide range of actions including:

-- Payments & Savings

- Credit: Financing & Bank guarantee

-- International obligations: import – export obligations, documentary discounting, electric funds transfer.

- Card solutions

- Other folks: Money...