ENGLISH ISU: iPod Characterization & Monologue

MONOLOGUE: Missy discussing with Susie пѓ they both died violently; rape/murder; both have fathers that miss after that. They can be talking about how they felt after they were killed. They could provide advice about how a person can manage it; just how their friends and family can manage the fatality and how you must forgive your enemy. Show character characteristics пѓ the two were very brave, solid and discovered to accept their death and found peace in heaven. Ipod touch Characterization:

The Lovely Bones:

1 . Jack – Throughout section 16 and the snapshots, your readers notice that Jack port and Abigail are becoming far away from the other person. Eventually, Abigail leaves the family and won't return to get eight years. In individuals eight years, it is easy to think about the pain and loneliness that Jack need to have felt. That is why Adele's track, " Moving in the Deep” fits correctly with Jack's character. The song shows the theme of rage, hate and also directs a message of revenge. Adele shows her feelings toward her ex-boyfriend after he cheats on her behalf through this kind of song. Similarly, if Plug had this kind of song on his playlist, it would represent his feelings towards Abigail. He was cheated in by Abigail when she gets an affair with Len. Later, Jack port is tricked when Abigail leaves him and the friends and family during the most difficult time of all their life. This song is definitely upbeat, but brings a sad mood for the audience due to the lyrics. For example the lines, " You had my own heart within just your hand and you simply played it to the beat” are repeated several times over the song. The lines can be interpreted as " You possessed control in the heart and also you used it to your advantage. ” Jack loved Abigail unconditionally, yet Abigail didn't feel the same. She was only considering herself while Jack was depressed because of Susie's death. To conclude, Adele's song, " Rolling in the Deep” pertains to this section in the book through Jack's character because it reveals the abandonment and hatred he experienced due to Abigail's...