п»ї1. Case 3. THE SITUATION: Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye.


1 . Can there be anything wrong with the way the shortlist was prepared by Gloria? 2 . What do you suggest regarding the preparation of the shortlist?


1 . Based on the case provided, there is really a large mistake together with the manner of getting a applicants pertaining to interview created by Ms. Fastuosidad Tadino. Like a recruitment director of the HRMO in the firm, she is expected and it is absolutely essential for her to investigate and measure the resumes and applications of the applicants based upon the standard set by the organization. She must set aside her personal biases because the people she eradicated unfairly could possibly be better than these she picked.

2 . The business must be cautious, in the very first place, in choosing and putting a worker to be assigned as their recruiting supervisor since it is a very crucial position to fill in. Around the problem on this case, I strongly suggest that Ms. Fausto Tadino need to take a critical commitment to her job and come to terms with her past therefore she may move on with her lifestyle.

The girl must be incredibly professional in dealing her duties and responsibilities as a way not to sacrifice the quality of her performance as well as the operations in the company. She must put together the prospect according to the requirements set by company—21 to 26 years old, graduate of B. T. in Laptop Science, and a resident of Manila. She must choose people depending on their credibility and qualifications, not really on her personal interests, biases, and thoughts. Hence, the girl should give utmost account to the abilities and abilities of the applicants that could help the success of the company.

installment payments on your Case 4: PONCIANO SELLING COMPANY: Recently


1 . What do you think of the reaction of the employees regarding the decentralization policy of Patrick? 2 . Do you consider the decentralization policy as being a big blunder? Why or why not?


1 . The reaction of the staff regarding the decentralization policy of Patrick was highly predicted and anticipated by best management while Patrick feels it is easy to change those who is going to leave.

Change is stressful for workers on this case as they have already been working on a really functional decentralized organizational structure for several years previously. However , employees must also open up their minds for the changes becoming presented by Patrick, because the latter was slowly presenting measures to centralize decision-making. It is also essential for the employees to get receptive of these changes. In many cases, employees and the company must move forward together with the current improvements and needs at hand.

Seeing that most of Patrick's employees have worked in the past structure, it truly is uncomfortable and intensely difficult to allow them to transfer for the new system of management. Their attitudes are difficult to adjust, and attempts often result in resistance. In this instance, a healthy dialogue between the top rated management and employees must be facilitated simply by Danny in order to give Tanker a proper place to lie down, present and explain the new policy and also for the employees to express their particular thoughts on the newest policy versus the policy they own been using for many years.

2 . Decentralization policy or perhaps decentralization in itself is a great organizational structure by which daily operations and decision-making responsibilities are delegated by top management to middle and lower-level managers within the firm, allowing leading management to concentrate more about major decisions. The need to decentralize is considered necessary in order to continue efficient operations. Additionally, it has a wide range of advantages, nevertheless relinquishing control may be tough for a business proprietor accustomed to making all the decisions.

Decentralization can also encourage employees by having more autonomy to make their own decisions, giving them a sense of importance and thus, making them feel as if they may have more input in the direction of the business....