The Trend was authored by Morton Rhue and published in 1982. This guide was depending on a true account of an event in a high school graduation history class in Tranca Alto in California in 1969 lead by the instructor Ron Williams who says it was the most terrifying event he previously ever observed in a class room. In the book the teacher can be played simply by Ben Ross and his high school graduation history category. It all starts when students ask questions regarding Nazi

Indonesia and he can't seem to answer all of them so this individual comes up with a plan that will modify his class room FOREVER with his sayings " Strength through discipline, strength through community, strength through action. His class room will probably be filled with simply POWER and DICIPLINE and that's only just the start. He started away by educating his class how to sit up straight properly within their seats as well as how to answer

questions properly which meant standing beside their particular seat before talking at this point can you imagine whenever we tried that now a times! He was filling his class room with power and all the students could truly feel it and as days went by and the pupils became incredibly obedient in the new rules he decided to keep it heading, as he believed it to be working. Several weeks went on and he had come up with the new rules salute whenever you saw another Wave affiliate or office whenever this individual

ordered it and also a trend symbol was created to separate the Wave members from the nonmembers. This was obviously becoming unmanageable, the students had been getting human brain washed plus they weren't thinking of anything they were doing and what they were getting themselves into, we were holding making big mistakes. Right at the end of the publication it had received so crazy that the Trend members started threatening the scholars who were certainly not members and that's when

Bill Ross knew it had to become stopped at once so that they held a gathering for all the people where he confronted the students using what was going on and telling them they should have allow it get this far by allowing it to take over these people, they required to wake up to themselves...