Perspectives upon Church Authorities: 5 Views

By Chad Owen Brand and L. Stanton Norman

Published by Broadman and Holman Marketers on 2004

ISBN 10: 0-8054-2590-X

ISBN 13: 978-0-8054-2590-1

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Table of Contents


The a few Models of House of worship Government2

Single-Elder-Led Church2

Presbytery-Led Church3

Congregation-Led Church4

Bishop-Led Church5

Plural-Elder-Led Church6

My own Church7




The book's title can be Perspectives in Church Federal government: 5 Opinions, edited simply by Chad Owen Brand and R. Stanton Norman. The 5 models of church government are every single discussed simply by these members: (1) Daniel Akin, Chief executive of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, pertaining to the model of the Single-Elder-Led Church (2) Robert L. Reymond, Mentor of Theology at Knox Theological College, for the Presbytery-Led House of worship (3) James Leo Garrett, Jr., Mentor of Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, intended for the Congregation-Led Church (4) Paul F. M. Wert, Dean and President of Trinity Obispal School to get Ministry, pertaining to the Bishop-Led Church and (5) James R. White colored, Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, for the Plural-Elder-Led House of worship. (Swanson 2009)This book is definitely not for the typical reader, the essays presented in this book have an excessive amount of depth simply for a common browse. It's far better for viewers such as college students or teachers in theology, or church leaders searching for knowledge about several polities.

This book tries to discuss the 5 models of church govt and show someone the differences and views with the authors on each of the your five models. An auto dvd unit may occasionally be called " polity”, the definition of a polity is usually " the form of government of any nation, point out, church, or perhaps organization. ” (The Cost-free Dictionary d. d. ) Each model will be discussed and looked after by an author, and later that chapter is usually rebutted simply by fellow authors, stating their very own opinions and rebuttals. (Brand and Norman 2004)

The 5 Models of Church Government

Single-Elder-Led Chapel

This model is definitely discussed by simply Daniel Similar, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological On;ine seminary. What does the Bible verses say regarding the number of parents in a congregation? The Bible verses didn't designate whether there ought to be only just one elder in a congregation, nonetheless it has been noticed that the word is often addressed in a plural manner, telling us that elders ruled being a collective body system. Akin explained that it will not matter how many parents there in a congregation, can be important is usually who they are.

So what can be described as single-elder-led chapel, if parents ruled as a collective body system? A single-elder-led church can be described as congregation wherever an older is selected, not in rank, grow older, or importance, but rather in recognition by his people. He is named a leader between other elders. An example given in the book is the publication of Amounts Chapter 14, where Moses was aimed by Goodness to gather a team of elders to share the burden of judging the folks. Akin noted, the parents shared the work with Moses but yet continued to be under him. (Brand and Norman 2004)

What then may be the strength on this polity? The elders' authority is not based by way of a appointment previously mentioned, but by people who identified his command, moral standing, i. e. he was deemed worthy of leading by the persons around him. This should deliver a valuable and competent leader to get the congregation. One who they know will be capable. The weakness I realize from this unit is the chance for an older to implement an power through autocracy. (Brand and Norman 2004)

Presbytery-Led Chapel

This part was authored by Robert T. Reymond. The phrase Presbyterianism means governance by the elders. A Presbyterian house of worship is led by a group or...

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