Religious and Ethnic Diversity

Shyd Barbur


The spring 25, 2013

Frank Romba

Religious and Ethnic Selection

I have decided to write the spiritual part of this paper for the Roman Catholic religion. The Roman Catholic religion varies from other religions in many ways. The Church instructs that it is the main one true Chapel divinely founded by Christ. They vary from a Christen religion although they praise the same Our god. They have one of a kind beliefs, techniques, and customs that set them apart from other Christians. Over the course of the centuries there is many quarrels and hostilities between Catholics/Christians and Muslims. In the 1500's the Roman Catholic House of worship did not tolerate any deviance from its theories because they were doing not want to demonstrate a sign of weakness. The Roman Catholic religion features contributed a lot to the American culture. Regarding 24 percent of Americans discover themselves while Catholic, producing Catholicism the biggest Christian denomination in America. One of the primary religions we now have here in our Country. Catholics faced a lot of discrimination and bias when they were first becoming introduced into the United States. A few states even tried to banning Catholicism. Even though the first variation of the cosmetic granted independence of religion a whole lot of Americans did not accept Catholic newcomers.

Via my exploration I have learned a lot regarding the catholic religion. It helped me to get to understand it a little more or in other words of now I know that they are section of the Christian faith. I as well did not know all the hardships that the Catholics had to proceed through when they had been bringing the religion to the US. It also made me realize that every single new religion that people deliver into the country will see elegance. I think that it must be because it is a new comer to people and folks are afraid of alter and new pleasures.

The ethnic/racial group We am talking about is Africa American's. Dark-colored differs from all other racial...

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