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Should the sale of junk food at school canteens become banned?

Processed foods is defined as foods which are generally considered to be unhealthy and have low vitamins and minerals. However , various children and teenagers enjoy consuming unhealthy food because it likes good. Nevertheless, junk food is commonly outed among the main causes of obesity in young people. Search for canteens offer junk food and a lot more to students. As such, it truly is believed the fact that sale of unhealthy food in school canteens is banned in order to increase student's habit, reduce cover in colleges and it is certainly the school's responsibility to deal with students' health.

Firstly, the sale of junk food at school canteens must be banned in order to improve students' behavior. Jones (2005) asserted that many artificial additives are present in junk food that causes behavioural problems in children, such as poor concentration and hyperactivity. Besides, responses from your Food Show (2005) prove that lowering unhealthy foods intake among children can improve their behavior. The responses on the program also show that junk foods are often filled with chemical ingredients which can result in behavioural complications. This is additional testified with a school which usually removed unhealthy food and sodas from their school canteen. It had been found which the students started to be calmer in class after lunchtime (The Foodstuff Show 2005). Therefore , students' behavior can be improved simply by banning the sale of unhealthy food in school canteens.

One more why the sale of unhealthy foods in school canteens should be suspended is to decrease litter. Most junk food can be wrapped in plastic product packaging which needs to be disposed of soon after. Unfortunately, many irresponsible learners discard junk food packaging in various places instead of waste bins (Lin Tran 2005; Cruz 2005). According to Johnson (2005), litter is a hazard to basic safety and wellness, increases costs and is bad for community's picture. Schools which may have reduced someone buy of junk...