SHRM Foundation Business Briefing

Expanding an

Employee Engagement Strategy

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usiness market leaders have extended recognized that attracting and

company income, employee turnover and happening of protection

retaining top rated talent is critical for company success.

happenings. 2 Provided that engagement impacts organizational

Over the past two decades, companies have significantly

outcomes that relate directly to the bottom line, corporations

focused on staff engagement so as to maximize

that ignore worker engagement risk putting themselves at

the capabilities and talent of their human capital. This is

a competitive disadvantage.

not surprising, while the benefits of worker engagement for

Though many organizations perform engagement

businesses are clear. A recent summary of proposal

surveys, a survey by itself will not enhance employee

study found that not only will be engaged workers better

proposal. To attain the best results, business employers

performers nevertheless engagement enhances employees' job

should generate an overall engagement strategy which goes

performance in unique ways. Additionally , excessive levels of

further than simply testing engagement ratings. Although

engagement are associated with important organization outcomes,

organizations are often remarkably proficient in collecting data,

including customer satisfaction, worker productivity,

many fail to translate the information correctly and to generate


workable recommendations for increasing engagement. 3

What Is Employee Engagement?

Developing an engagement strategy allows avoid these pitfalls by describing what will happen after the survey is done.

There are 3 parts to employee engagement:

Physical. Workers exert large levels of strength to

complete their job tasks.

Implementing an Diamond Strategy

Emotional. Employees place their heart into their

Based on your company staff size, target

work, have a very good involvement inside their work and

a limited quantity of lower-performing units to

a sense of the significance of computer, and experience inspired

give attention to.

and questioned.

Conversely, discover high-performing units, and

Cognitive. Employees ignore everything else

observe what lessons can be discovered from them and

when doing their very own job and turn into fully immersed

applied elsewhere in your business.

in this.

Work with your company leaders to draw up an

When workers are involved on each of the levels

action plan that recognizes the goal issues and

(physical, mental and cognitive), they will spend

the steps necessary to address these kinds of key issues.

significant strength to finish their work and attain

Whenever possible, involve employees in locating

positive company outcomes. Involved employees

alternatives and, for minimum, offer employees the

not only have high amounts of personal expense in their

possibility to make suggestions anonymously.

work but also think a strong mental connection to this.


The organization's improvement toward these goals and

next methods.

Organizations which may have implemented and maintained

powerful engagement strategies have also placed an emphasis on the conversation of their strategy. For example , Pitney

Bowes the point of sharing employees' open-ended

feedback on their engagement survey with mature leadership

Five Components of a powerful Engagement


and the plank of owners. 4 To develop its proposal survey, Whirlpool Corporation hit with numerous workers to

come to a consensus on what should be tested. 5 And

Ideally, a staff engagement strategy should be

made before the involvement survey is definitely administered. A great

Lowes not simply tied employee engagement to company

successful plan is going to detail:

efficiency but likewise communicated these kinds of results to users

of older leadership to help inform all their...