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    Andrew Altschul

    • Associate Professor
    • Director regarding Resourceful Writing
    [email protected]
    • Creative Writing
    • Contemporary Literature
    • Postmoderist Fiction
    Eddy 339

    Timothy Amidon

    [email protected]
    • Digital Rhetorics
    • Technical & Specialized Communication
    • Multimodal Composing
    Eddy 338

    Ramona Ausubel

    [email protected]Eddy 340

    Lynn Badia

    [email protected]Eddy 354

    Grant Bain

    [email protected]
    • Rhetoric not to mention Composition
    • American Literature
    Eddy 112

    Dan Beachy-Quick

    • Professor
    • Assistant Chair
    • Undergraduate Coordinator
    [email protected]Eddy 343

    Leslee Becker

    [email protected]335 Eddy Hall

    Anthony Becker

    [email protected]
    • Language (undergraduate)
    • TEFL/TESL (graduate)
    352 Eddy Hall

    Kelly Bradbury

    • Upper-Division Make up Administrator
    • Instructor, Composition
    [email protected]
    • Rhetoric, Penning, and additionally Literacy
    Eddy 344

    Mark Bresnan

    [email protected]Eddy 307

    Lindsay Brookshier

    [email protected]Eddy 333

    Hannah Caballero Bonilla

    [email protected]Eddy 327

    Gerald Callahan

    [email protected]
    • Immunology/Creative Colorado think college or university producing studio 310

    Ryan Campbell

    [email protected]
    • Composition and additionally Literature
    Eddy 308

    Harrison Candelaria Fletcher

    [email protected]
    • Creative Penning (creative nonfiction)
    Eddy 316

    Genesea n Carter

    • Associate Overseer about Composition
    [email protected]Eddy 330

    Virginia Chaffee

    [email protected]Eddy 341

    Ryan Claycomb

    [email protected]323A Eddy Hall

    Doug Cloud

    [email protected]Eddy 355

    Pamela Coke

    • Associate Professor of The english language Education
    • Assistant Chair
    [email protected]356 Eddy Hall

    Thomas Conway

    [email protected]

    Matthew Cooperman

    [email protected]315 Eddy Hall

    Ashley Davies

    [email protected]Eddy 324

    Gerald Colorado point out collage penning studio, Movie director recent area article content essay Speech Programs

    [email protected]347 Eddy Hall

    Sue Doe

    [email protected]314 Eddy Hall

    Camille Dungy

    [email protected]Eddy 318

    Cassandra Eddington

    [email protected]Eddy 330

    Fabiola Ehlers-Zavala

    • Associate Teacher, Focus Home at Right into CSU
    [email protected]Spruce Hall 108

    Devon Fulford

    [email protected]Eddy 342

    Stephanie G'Schwind

    • Director, Cardiovascular with regard to Literary Publishing
    [email protected]Aylesworth C107

    Ricki Ginsberg

    [email protected]Eddy 317

    Aparna Gollapudi

    [email protected]
    • Restoration along with Eighteenth-Century Language Literature
    Eddy 321

    Sharon Grindle

    [email protected]Eddy 311

    Nancy Henke

    • Senior Helper, Representative associated with Arrangement Position, Coach with First-Year Makeup Administration
    [email protected]
    • Composition and also Literature
    Eddy 336

    Roze Hentschell

    • Professor, Couple Dean to get Basic Studies
    [email protected]
    • Early Present day Uk Booklets and even Culture
    Clark C-138

    Mary Hickey

    [email protected]

    Katie Hoffman

    • Special Trainer from English
    [email protected]Eddy #324

    Zach Hutchins

    [email protected]310 Eddy Hall

    Maurice Irvin

    [email protected]Eddy 308

    Tobi Jacobi

    [email protected]
    • Composition and even Literacy Studies
    349 Eddy Hall

    Judith Lane

    [email protected]

    Lisa Langstraat

    [email protected]

    Beth Lechleitner

    [email protected]309 Eddy

    Ed Colorado point out university or college writing studio Levin

    [email protected]Eddy 323D

    EJ Levy

    [email protected]
    • Creative Crafting (Fiction along with Nonfiction)
    Eddy 342

    Luciana Marques

    • Instructor of Linguistics plus Composition
    [email protected]Eddy 341

    William Marvin

    [email protected]
    • Medieval Novels & Terms (Germanic)
    356 Eddy Hall

    Dana Masden

    [email protected]Eddy 309

    Amanda Memoli

    • Special Instructor through Makeup Administration
    [email protected]Eddy 341

    Kiley Miller

    [email protected]Eddy 332

    Todd Mitchell

    • Assistant Tutor, Representative associated with Innovative Composing Pedagogy
    [email protected]Eddy 323B

    Karen Montgomery Moore

    • Instructor, Internship Coordinator
    [email protected]Eddy 334

    Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker

    [email protected]
    • Applied Linguistics not to mention TEFL/TESL
    Eddy 350

    Cindy O'Donnell-Allen

    [email protected]Eddy 322A

    Mike Palmquist

    • Associate Provost just for Tutorial New development, Teacher from Language, University or college Recognized Helping Scholar
    [email protected]Library 110D

    Airica Parker

    [email protected]Eddy 329


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