Beowulf: A History of Violence in Anglo-Saxon Tradition

In the Anglo-Saxon epic, " Beowulf”, the theme of physical violence is frequent throughout the complete story. The hero, Beowulf, is referred to as the strongest, most effective man in the world, and uses his power to vanquish evil. This individual slaughters two evil monsters, Grendel, and Grendel's mother, as well as combating a Dragon in his own kingdom. In Anglo-Saxon culture, heroes like Beowulf are looked to as signs of expect and bravery. However , why is Grendel's physical violence considered nasty, and Beowulf's is considered great and just? Assault in Anglo-Saxon literature is known as a tool to assist determine morality; right or wrong, very good versus evil. First, exactly why is Beowulf regarded a leading man, and how come his assault accepted by Geats? The violence wrought on Heorot by Grendel and Grendel's mother can be considered an act of warfare to the Geats: why is physical violence their only available response? Beowulf's violence is recognized as heroic due to his determination to protect the people, and Grendel and his single mother's is considered bad because they will murder with out reason. Beowulf is a great and courageous soldier of the Geats, a clan in Sweden. In this poem, his life is split into two parts, his youth wonderful elder years. In both equally parts of his life this individual portrays the model qualities of a perfect hero and leader whom demonstrated the values of pride, devotion and valor. In his youth, Beowulf reaches heroic position by his impressive feats of durability that included the break down of Grendel, a list that tormented the people of Heorot, as well as the demise of Grendel's mom. Beowulf was your epitome of a manly main character. He steadfastly defends his people, risking life and limb intended for whatever taste of fame he may grasp. Beowulf is no regular man, while Hrothgar says here:

A crew of seamen who have sailed for me personally once

having a gift-cargo throughout to Geatland

returned with marvelous tales about him:

a thane, they declared, while using strength of thirty

in the grip of...