Vonnegut's Galapagos

1)Does Vonnegut's fictional account enhance or change your current knowledge of Darwin's evolution theory? Are there any surprises right here? Is there anything about evolution theory that perhaps had not occurred to you?

Vonnegut's Galapagos strengthened by current understanding of Darwin's evolution theory through a entertaining narrative I could understand. ?nternet site read this Darwinian tale of survival, My spouse and i watched human beings В– exactly like you and me В– devolve from " big brained" organisms to small brained swimmers who had been able to make it through. He made great Darwinian factors, such as, " Take that from an agent who has been surviving for a million years: When it comes down to it, meals is pretty much the whole tale every time" (Vonnegut 193). I was a little surprised that he began with humans, who bigger brains, technology, and tools. I was also amazed that the technique of evolution resulted in fewer thoughts. This produced perfect sense as part of the major process, yet , it had no occurred to me. 2)What, in your thoughts and opinions, is the communication of the book? Is there a severe message or is Vonnegut just putting fun, even when he offers his narrator rant about about what was wrong with humans a million years ago?

I believe there were a serious concept to Galapagos. I think Vonnegut was showing that that we are definitely " big brained" in a manner that will damage any probability of our success. As chaotic, dishonest people, we are regularly attempting to acquire more at the time of more responsibility to technology. We are burning off touch with nature. I do think he was as well stating that small actions have big consequences, as we see many times (i. e. the Captain). He seemed to be poking fun with his biting satire, but in the best way that plainly asked you, " What in the world will be we performing to themselves? " I sensed that he was cynical about human being " achievement, " particularly that of twentieth century Western Civilization.