Daniel Butchen

Essay # 8

The 1920's were a time of prosperity in our country. Warfare was more than, businesses had been booming, and everybody seemed to be having a good time. This is especially true to get president Warren G. Harding. He was a man that loved women, online poker, and having during a time when alcoholic beverages was said to be illegal. " More debatable was his use of alcohol. Throughout his adult your life Harding drank and noticed nothing wrong in it. He was hardly ever personally committed to Prohibition, despite the fact that he had the very best for it and, like many Americans, pretended the law did not apply to him. He was careful to serve alcohol only in the private bedrooms in the White colored House and would sometimes take tourists there for that purpose. It had been later believed that Harding was a large drinker, though no one at any time reported viewing him consumed. Still, this kind of " coming around" by the president to be able to the law, the moment added to smoking cigarettes, chewing, and poker playing, raised in a few minds the specter of low-life carousals. ” (http://www.presidentprofiles.com/Grant-Eisenhower/Warren-G-Harding-Presidential-appointments-and-style.html). This was Harding, he do what he wanted to carry out, no matter how other people viewed him. He was a guy who represented the time having been in business office well. America was having a good time, so Harding made sure he was having a good one too.

Harding physically put the American President. Having been tall, dark, and was a good-looking gentleman. It was once said of Harding that " He looked like a President. ”(http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents/warren Harding). And at the time, that seemed to be sufficient. Harding didn't have any grand programs. He don't want to change much, along with going through numerous years of progressives, such as Roosevelt, and Wilson, the American people seemed articles on choosing a leader who's insurance plan was " To return to normalcy. ” America wanted an escape from the turmoil, and in Harding they did find a man who was content upon letting the nation run alone. " Much less...