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Solved problems

1 . A restaurant takes a following earnings on the prices of various products or food: - a. Paulet Saut Maringo 60 per cent

b. Chicken a la kieve 45%

c. Coffee 80%

You are required to: -

a) Understand the value of the over items/ food if the expense were: - a. Paulet sautГ© maringo Rs 55

b. Chicken breast a la kieve Rs 75

c. Coffee Rs twelve.

b) List the elements that must be regarded as when selecting the value.

Answer: --

a) Using the formula: -

Selling Price sama dengan Total Expense x (1 + Mark-Up Percent)

i actually. Paulet sautГ© meringo

Selling price = 40 x (1 +60%)

=50 X 1 ) 6

= Rs eighty

ii. Rooster a la kieve

selling price = 70X (1+ 70%)

sama dengan 70 Back button 1 . several

=Rs 119

iii. Caffeine

Selling price sama dengan 10 By (1+80 %)

= twelve X 1 . 8

= Rs 18.

a. List the elements that must be regarded when deciding on the value. Ans:

Factors that need to be regarded as in the menu pricing include: * Firmness of demand, or whether a change in prices will have a substantial effect on consumer demand. * Perception of value, or how customer perceives the meals or food item is worth no matter what it costs to produce. 2. Effect of competition by which competition can hold selling prices down or lack of competition can allow higher prices than normal. 2. Whether the operation might make an effort to increase profit by using low selling prices to enhance volume or perhaps concentrate on larger unit profits with fewer unit product sales. Besides the menu, the additional major costs in foodservice industry contain: a) Purchasing of foodstuff: As mentioned earlier, the quantity of raw materials ordered needs to be as exact as possible since storage and perish ability in the character of food materials could be a cause of loss. Proper products on hand of the raw materials in storage space will ensure that misuse of stored material doesn't happen. Cost materials till the driving experience and washing of the gadgets. b) Time Cost: Labour cost is another major cost involved in food production. Inexperienced workers can tend to cause more harm than good for the cafe. Having a great Human Resources insurance plan will ensure great workers are employed and retained by the 0rganisation. Recognition of labour/personnel required for a job and motivation of personnel's will tend to spend less.

Q 2 . The food expense of a particular dish is Rs 46. 75 per part. Calculate: -- a. The selling price per portion to achieve a 70% gross profit. b. What gross income percentage would be achieved if the dish was sold for Rs 165?


a. Value = Total Cost back button (1 & Mark-Up Percent)

=46. seventy five X (1 + 70%)

= 46. 75 Back button 1 . several

= Rs 79. forty-eight

= Rs 80 ( approx).

b. Gross income = sales – meals cost

= 165 – 46. 75

= Rs 118. 25

Therefore ,

Gross profit % = (Gross Profit / selling price) X 90

= (118. 25 / 165) X 90

= 0. 72 X 100

sama dengan 72 %

Q3. Enabling 38% intended for wastage compute the amount of various meats to be ordered by a food and refreshment unit, if 70 Kilogram was necessary to be served. Ans: Utilizing the formula:

Ap = (EPX100) / fully - T %

= (70X 100)/ 100 – 38

sama dengan 7000 as well as 62

=112. 90 kilogram

Q4. The next problems are calculations with meals cost

Percentages, portion price, and menu price. For every single problem, two of these figures are given. Locate the third.

Food cost percentage Portion cost Menu value

a. ______ 62 247. 5 b. 40% ______ 125

c. 30% a hunread forty two. 5 ______


a. Food expense percentage = Potion expense / menu price. By 100

sama dengan 62/247. 5X 100

=0. two hundred and fifty x100 = 25 %

W Portion expense = fc % By Menu value

=40/100 X125

=. 40 Back button 125

sama dengan...